Fitness Workout for Women
Can a Buff Dude Survive a Womans Booty Workout?
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So I had Erin come in last week and do a Buff Dudes style back workout (which she kicked ass at!) and now it’s my turn: can I survive the infamous YouTube/Instagram “Booty Workout”? Big thanks to Whitney ( for showing up and kicking my ass. What do you wanna see next?!


Band Warm-Ups (Walks, Side Steps, Jumps) 1 SET
Step ups 3 SETS x 10 REPS
Tire Jumps 3 SETS x 10 REPS
Cable Donkey Kicks 3 SETS x 10 REPS (Each Leg)
Stranding Kick Backs 3 SETS x 10 REPS (Each Leg)
Leg Crossover / Abduction 3 SETS x 10 REPS (Each Leg)
Hex Bar Squat with Romanian Deadlift 3 SETS x 10 REPS
Hip Thrusters 3 SETS x 10 REPS

Wow. That was a workout. Let us know if you have a chance to try it out yourself! Until next time…STAY BUFF.

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