Fitness Workout for Men
Try this dumbbell only back workout for men over 40 – which you can do at the gym, or at home if you have a set of dumbbells. This BIG back workout for men over 40 hits all sorts of posterior muscle groups. Lats, traps, low back, rhomboids, and more!

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Notes from today’s BIG back workout for men over 40…

0:32 – the dumbbell bent over row

When performing this movement be sure to pull with your elbows. Make sure you’re squeezing your shoulder blades and lats. Your lats should be doing all of the work. Not your arms. Perform this movement with a slow eccentric, followed by driving the dumbbells back. Great move for you big back workout.

1:50 – dumbbell deadlift into a shrug

This is a powerful exercise to add to your back workout. Especially as a man over 40 you’re able to condense two exercises into one. Making it time efficient to get you in and out of the gym faster.

You’re going to get lower back work, upper back work, and hit your traps with this exercise. When doing these, make sure you are hinging at the hips and keeping your core tight. Be sure to keep your spine in alignment as well.

3:12 – dumbbell floor pull-over

This is a great movement especially for men over 40 with less flexibility and mobility in shoulders. You perform this exactly like a dumbbell pullover yet you’re laying on the ground – which naturally limits the range of motion in a safe range.

Be sure to flare your elbows and squeeze your lats at the top of the movement. Also, don’t rest the dumbbell at the bottom of the movement. To grow your lats with this big back workout movement squeeze and lengthen your lats continuously.

5:15 – dumbbell rear delt flys

With this movement, we are going to target a smaller muscle group in the back… your rear delts. With a slight bend in your elbow and leaning forward slightly, pull the dumbbells back and connect your mind to the muscles working.

Perform 4 sets of these exercises with 60 seconds between sets. 90-120 seconds rest between exercises. Doing this will help you build a big and full back. It’s especially good for men over 40 to grow their lats, traps, and rear delts due to the slight adjustments regarding range of motion.

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